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Tahoe Real Estate after the Coronavirus…

Waking up this early morning here in South Lake Tahoe It is almost a dream-lightly snowing as I walk my dog on this spring day in April.  No one is up yet in the neighborhood … [Read More...]

Winter 2020

Winter is the Time to Sell in Tahoe…

Winter is the best time to sell simply because there is less competition.  However most sellers think summer is the time to put their home on the market.  Typically we have … [Read More...]

Love Letter from the Insurance Company

Wildfires Affect your CA Insurance Policy…

Non-renewal came in the mail The topic of wildfire is constantly a recent headline here in the state of California.    As we all know, It is very sad to see families lose … [Read More...]

Picture at Heavenly 12/15/19

Tom Fortune the New GM of Heavenly…

Fortune Tom Fortune the new GM of Heavenly.  The reason I got my cool last name is because of this guy-Tom Fortune.  He took the helm as General Manager at Heavenly Resort … [Read More...]